My Glocal Team

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Delivering solutions, not people

My Glocal team is an on-demand delivery team of IT consultants as a service. With My Glocal team, you get a delivery organization that is fully integrated within your own delivery structure. Your delivery office is ready and dedicated to providing you with the best available resources worldwide. Together our team builds software that changes the way you do business, for the digital generation.

Reputed web development company in Norway

Our company is one of the most reputed providers of Digital product development services in Norway. We are proud to be the partner of choice for a large number of business organizations and individuals a like. We understand that every client has different needs, therefore we offer customized IT solutions that match our clients’ requirements perfectly.

While in-house IT management can be a costly endeavor for a small company, it is equally difficult to keep up with your clients’ evolving requirements. Managing multiple services can be time-consuming and take away from the core business. My GlocalTeam aims to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions for IT management, recruitment, and retention of professionals.

Unique development team

Our team is characterized by a set of skills that are not easily found. We constantly seek the best experts in their fields, and through our innovative approach, we can make your IT needs easier to deal with. Our team will be completely integrated with your organization.

The “virtual office” is a cost-effective solution that enables clients to have a dedicated team at a remote location without the hassle of opening a new office on foreign shores. This solution is designed to increase productivity and organizational efficiency. Moreover, we will help you to overcome challenges associated with hiring the right candidates for various open positions. Our team will be 100% dedicated to clients allowing companies to concentrate on other issues.