Content Management System

A content management system, also known as a CMS, is a web-based application that enables multiple users with different privilege levels to manage any type of data, content, or information on any website application

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Content management system services

The glocal view serves multiple solutions by providing its customers with top technology on a daily basis. With its different flagship products and created a benchmark in many industries. Its web-based solutions have created recognition in the industry all around the globe. We have decades of experience in the top technological stack.

Custom built CMS development

As we know, every business is having its own unique needs and requirements. So a single solution won't be suitable for every business. Also, changes are constant, so it's important to keep up with trends. To fulfill this requirement of every eCommerce business Webkul proposes a custom service—we do the development as per your requirements. So you'll get an easy tool with customization functions.

Open source CMS development

The open community creates the open-source CMS development service. And it's available for free use and modification by anyone who wants to make changes. Glocal view, an open-source CMS development company, also works on improving the code of the open-source applications to fulfill the requirements of their clients. A customized solution derived from your vision will be created by us; it helps increase productivity, effectively manage data, reduce costs, and smooth business procedures.

Theme/Extension development

Glocal View offers a fully supportive theme or extension to give additional functionalities to their clients. It helps the users to create a website with a unique look that reflects your company's brand image. Theme or extension development helps in providing the design originality to make every business unique in its own way. The eCommerce companies or the companies that operate in the same industry are not exactly alike. Though they are offering the same basic products, they are different from each other by virtue of their individual approach toward marketing, etc., which helps them stand out from the crowd.

CMS migration & upgradation

Glocal view provides migration and up-gradation solutions that allow easy Business Process Management for your business. Nowadays, businesses are tempted to make a change. The migration and up-gradation may help to eliminate the troubles with website speed. It helps to eliminate poor customer support. It also helps to provide an ability for the website wherein it can handle large amounts of traffic. Also, it eliminates the inability to edit and manage your site on your own.

Enterprise CMS solutions

Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) is a solution that provides the ability to capture, preserve, manage and deliver unstructured content and documents. It also secures digital content on a website in compliance with policies. Digital content is more secure when it is transferred with minimal risk. Glocal view provides hassle-free change of CMS platforms and regular updates relative to them.

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Benefits of CMS for your business

Through a content management system, you can manage content in a much more efficient manner than any other method. This reduces the amount of time required to do so and accelerates the process. The advanced features allow for fast, easy management of your content.

Ready-to-use plugins

It is a large community and provides a wide range of plugins. These plugins can help businesses of all sizes find the tools they need to run their business more efficiently.

Low-cost maintenance

A content management system is a software program that allows non-tech people to create and manage the content on their websites. This makes it easier than ever before for anyone, regardless of their skills or knowledge, to create and update a website.

No developers required

The content on any website is the soul of that website. Without updated and fresh content, your site will lose its purpose and fail to meet the needs of your customers. Content Management Systems (CMS) allow you to create content using a simple interface without having to write any code.

Manage seo effectively

A good content management system (CMS) automates the creation of URLs for each page on your site, which makes it easy to manage. It also includes SEO, which will help your content rank well in search engines and will help you attract more customers.

Improvise customer service

CMS helps to collect customer data from a variety of digital touchpoints and helps the business track how customers are engaging with the brand. It also gives an idea of how adaptable the business can be.

Complete content control

A CMS enables businesses to create, edit and rapidly publish content. Afterward, the content can be distributed very quickly and efficiently.

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