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The e-commerce industry is on a surge. It’s growing at an exponential rate which is faster than ever. With the advent of technology and high-tech gadgets, today everything is just a click away. Ever since the smartphones have entered the arena and ‘App for that’ culture took over the world has limited to our phones.

With the ever upgrading scenario, the consumer behaviour is changing and marketers also need to adapt to the change.

The e-commerce industry did sales for almost $ 2.3 trillion in 2017 and is expected to reach $4.5 trillion in 2021 as per a Statica report. As per the report, the number of mobile users will reach 2.9 billion by 2020.

The need for instant access,  24*7 accessibility and fast results will become a standard by the end of the next decade. These are the norms that millennials are setting and imbibing.

Not only in developed countries but also in developing countries like India are also switching to online shopping avidly. Almost 87% of the Indians surveyed have shopped online in the last year and one out of every 3 buyers shop online via Mobile App. The regular shoppers who shop online at least once are more in comparison i.e. 28% to the ones who are not that regular shoppers- 25% shop quarterly and only 14% shop once in a year.

Consumers Prefer Apps over Websites for Shopping

Well, Apps have an edge over websites and consumers prefer shopping via Apps. As per various surveys, people feel that apps provide them with better speed and shopping experience as compared to websites. 94% of the people who took the survey prefered Apps over websites for shopping online.

Apps Give You Loyal Customers

There’s a 50% greater chance of customer coming back to the website within a month of making a purchase. Mobile Apps have a higher conversion rate and a very low cart abandonment rate of 97% as compared to 68% for desktops. The regular notifications have 90% of open rate and 40% click-through rate catching customers’ attention always.

Fast Response Rate

The interface and performance of your e-store determine consumer’s shopping experience. Apps have a comparatively faster response rate than the website. However, apps are connected to servers the same way websites are but data transmitted between a server and mobile is 10 times less than between a server and a browser. Also, Mobile apps have a simpler interface and easier navigation due to its size limit which helps in improving user experience.

Bring Mobile Features to Use

You know what, customer’s mobile features can actually be used to your advantage. Features such as camera, GPS and Mic can improve your user’s shopping and navigation experience when integrated with the app. Clicking and uploading direct pictures to the app, geotagging customers address and making use of voice navigation for the easy breezy experience.

If you have an e-Commerce business, having a mobile app is a must if you want a regular and loyal clientele. Reach out to us for a good IT support and assistance of any sort, myGlocalTeam will have you covered entirely.

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