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In the highly competitive world today, it’s becoming harder to get good google ratings. Gone are the days when just cracking a few magical keywords and link building efforts would fetch you good results. Today there are hundreds of reasons that determine the ranking on Google search today and a flawless UI/UX or the user experience plays huge game-changer in this case.


1. Keep a tab on Bounce Rate

  • If your website has a bad bounce rate that may be due to various reasons, most common being the keywords you might be using to target the users is not related to your services, product or purpose your website is providing. The lower the bounce rate of your website, the better it is. How can you improve your bounce rate:
  • If you have different services or products to offer, it’s suggested you create different landing pages targeting different keywords to bring organic traffic to the website.
  • Use relevant keywords complementing your website content. Write Quality Content and maintain image-text ratio to look appealing.
  • Write a good meta description that would lure people to visit the website when it appears on their search
  • Increase site speed & fix technical glitches

    2. Check Average Session Duration

  • Keep a close tab on the average session of the visitors because that determines how user-friendly and impressive your website is. The website content has to be engaging and informative for the users to stay for longer on the website. Monitor what holds the users to your website, the video, the blogs or the infographics. Give your users what they want and better their experience.

   3. Nomenclature of Headings

  • How you write your headings, subheading and how helpful your users find then decides the performance of your website. The search engine crawlers read the heading to comprehend what exactly your website is saying. Make sure you use only one h1 in your page and place it at the top. Also, use important keywords in your h1 and h2.

    4. Flawless Website Navigation

  • If you can’t guide your user’s through your website then your navigation is flawed. It may seem easy but creating smooth navigation on the website is a complicated task and asks for experience. Keep it clean and simple for better user experience.
  • Avoid too many drop-down menus or multi-level menus.
  • Navigation bar must reflect on all webpages for users convenience. Also, you can keep it stagnant while users scroll.
  • A Search bar is a must on the website.
  • Don’t crowd the navigation bar. Keep it clean.

   5. Loading Speed of the Website

  • Do not mess up with the loading speed of the website. It turns the users off and impacts the bounce rate negatively. Not only on the desktop but also the loading speed on mobile has become a bigger deciding factor. You may use lighter photos, caching solution, enable a CDN to reduce the loading time of the website. there are various other tricks that a good, experienced IT professionals will help you out with this.

We, at Glocal View make sure a good web set-up is delivered to all our clients considering the most important aspects that can make or break the google ranking of the website. Clean, simple and easy to understand set-up is what we aim for. Reach to us at or visit us at for any assistance you need in the field of Information Technology.


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