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Technology changes every single minute. And these changes also tend to influence the design trends significantly. As a budding UI developer, every professional must constantly learn these designing trends. You need to always stay ahead of the game and improve your skills as and when required. 

Visual appeal is essential for every website if you aim to attract potential traffic to your website. Therefore, the proper integration of the trending UX/UI design can effectively increase the visibility of your website in no time. Depending on extensive research and experiences, here are the top 12 UX/UI design trends that are indeed here to stay for some time:

  1. Minimalism Is The Trend
Minimalism Is The Trend

One of the first things you need to know about the latest UX/UI trends is minimalism. People do not like to spend much time over any lengthy ads or notifications. 

Therefore, if you need to gain visibility across the global online platform, stick to the basics and create simpler graphic elements as much as possible. Try limiting the number of colours and wisely choose the proportions and compositions to stick to your minimalistic website UI design

  1. Microinteractions

Microinteractions have been dominating the UX/UI trends significantly. You can find it on almost every leading website and applications. Do you know that the “Like” feature used in leading social platforms like Facebook is one of the classic examples of micro-interactions?

  1. Simplification Is Vital
Simplification Is Vital ui ux design

It is time that you stop complicating the interfaces of your applications. Instead, you need to minimise the number of elements and the fields that your customers need to fill out. Try making the registration procedures simplified for the users to motivate the maximum footfalls. 

  1. Colourful Yet Blurred
Colourful Yet Blurred

Different styles with gradient have been quite popular over the past few years. But this year, you need to focus on making the gradients lighter but make them more complicated. So, now you can make it more colourful yet keep it slightly subtle to highlight the key attributes of the site or application as per requirement. This one is also one of the best website UI designs that will stay for a while in the market.

  1. Illustrations
Functional Art: 10 Big Reasons to Apply Illustrations in UI Design

Illustrations have always been quite popular for making the interface more interactive. Now it is time for you to experiment with unusual angles, storylines and proportions. You can try SVG format for any illustrations which aren’t affected by the screen resolution like GIF, PNG, and JPEG formats.

  1. VUI
Designing a VUI – Voice User Interface | Toptal

Voice user interface is one of the latest UX trends that help make every platform quite resourceful and interactive. It is related to data synthesis as well as content rather than the actual design. But it allows the users to use the application in almost all the leading languages. All one has to do is record their voice, and this web UI design would be able to translate it to display the results accurately. 

  1. Neumorphism

The VR/AR technology has been expanding rapidly, and they depict that the famous Skeuomorphic design is going to hit the market again. But this time, it won’t be like the previous one. Instead, it would be more trendy, updated, stylish and whole “New skeuomorphism” or known as the “Neumorphism.” It has to be the latest creative UX/UI design trend you need to watch out for. 

  1. Mobile-First

Most of your audience is busy on their phones. Therefore, it is time that you focus on getting the approaches ready for your mobile application first. Most of the companies aim to convert their websites into convenient and user-friendly cross-platform applications. It enables the users to download the pages right from the website on their mobile home screen without any limitations. 

  1. Icons

Icons are one of the efficient tools used to enhance visual communication with your customers. Therefore, you need to focus on developing trendy yet simplistic UX/UI icons to make them more user-friendly and interactive for the audience. As a UI developer, your icons should convey more and much in a better way than plain words. 

  1. Onboarding

What is onboarding? It is a way to introduce the user to the product in the most simplistic way ever possible. You get an insight into the application through this UX feature. Also, it makes the platform relatively easy to understand, thereby highlighting the essential functions. Also, unlike the popular beliefs, remember this one is one of the clever UX designing trends that you can incorporate in your mobile application and website for your users.

  1. Glassmorphism
Glassmorphism UI designs, themes, templates and downloadable graphic  elements on Dribbble

The next UX/UI trend to watch out for is glassmorphism. It is the perfect combination of the two approaches which aims to create user interfaces. It is just like Neomorphism, which comes from the popular blur effect or the so-called blurred background. 

It highlights the centre of attraction on the website or application while turning the other elements into a blurred background. And hence, it helps the audience focus on the platform’s critical attributes without any typical distractions.

  1. Complex Typography

The final web UI design trend is related to the typography of the website. As a designer, you already know how essential it is to select the right font and colour for any website, application or product. Typically, even the audience tend to associate many brands and products with signature colours and designs, or even fonts. 

Fundamentals of typography in user interface design (UI) | by Leonardo  Moreno | UX Collective

In such scenarios, it becomes pretty easy for the designer to connect with the audience if he knows how to choose the right combination. Therefore, you need to keep experimenting with fonts, colours and even styles to get UX combinations for the websites. In case of doubts, make sure to get professional and reliable help to design that perfect platform for your users. 

Final Takeaway

The above section boldly highlights all the top-rated UX/UI trends that would dominate the market this year. However, to get the right combination of these design trends, you need to find the best UI developer available in the market. If you are keen to find the best one, do check out the services of Glocal View.

The company offers magnificent UX/UI services at incredible prices in the market. From basics to the high tech tools, you can get it all right here. The experts are happy to offer you easy customisations to meet all your website requirements as and when required. To know more about their UX/UI services, make sure to contact them now!

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