Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality lets you combine the real world with virtual elements and present it as a unified world. Glocal View allows you to create your own augmented reality apps using our rich AR app development experience and AR technology services. We have helped businesses to boost sales and customer engagement with augmented reality apps.

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Augmented & Virtual Reality Services

We understand individual requirements and offer tailor-made programs that aim to enhance the productivity of businesses. The interactive and immersive AR platform enables businesses to maximize value creation. Glocal View is a renowned augmented reality developer and has remained at the forefront of delivering enhanced experiences for enterprises.

Marker Based Augmented Reality

Using maker-based AR, a marker is scanned by the device, which then presents an augmented experience (usually an object, text, video,
or animation)

Marker-Less Based Augmented Reality

As users can choose where they wish to place content in marker-less AR, there is the greatest degree of control for the user. Additionally, virtual augmented objects can be placed at real-life scales.

Location based Augmented reality

Location-based AR ties augmentation to a specific place and works by reading data from a device’s camera, GPS, digital compass, and accelerometer while predicting where the user is focusing in order to provide relevant information or data, dynamic location can be used to pair with points of interest

Projection Based Augmented Reality

Projection based AR deliver digital information within a stationary context. It focuses on rendering virtual objects within or on a user’s physical space

Superimposition Based Augmented Reality

Superimposition AR involves either partial or full replacement of an original view of an object with an augmented view of the same object. Object recognition plays an important role in this type of AR because an app cannot replace an original object with an augmented one if it cannot identify
the original

User Defined Marker Less based Augmented reality

User-defined interaction points are typically part of the content. In this case, different types of visualizations and interactions are achieved using existing AR libraries and technology.

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Augmented Reality Industries


In order for students of all ages to deeply absorb the lessons of the subjects, Augmented Reality is willing to engage with teachers and other educators such as college professors.

Health Care

Doctors can see wounds and diagnose issues from a distance. Nurses can teach patients how to perform self-care activities using augmented reality overlays and graphics

Construction and Real Estate

The architect uses AR for digital modeling purposes. Working with immersive models and 3D environments makes creating amazing home designs much easier.