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Glocal View provides you with custom android app development which allows you to develop feature-rich and high-performing applications. We provide you end-to-end android development services, right from consultation to development to maintenance, which would allow you to stay on the top of the business domain all throughout your business lifecycle.

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Expert Android App Development Services

Glocal View is known for delivering the best Android Solutions, and our team is committed to provide the most advanced technology in Android apps. We offer a range of services such as strategy consulting and application development, thus making us an ideal software partner.

UI & UX design services

State-of-the-art app design solutions, ensuring seamless navigation and high customer engagement.

Custom android app development

Feature-rich and high-performing custom android app development on leading android development technologies and tools.

App testing

Ensure the quality of the Android application with robust testing for debugging and an
unprecedented experience.

Custom plugin development

Improve the efficiency of your application with custom plugins developed to fit perfectly with your existing product

3rd party integrations

we provide you with secure 3rd party integration such payment integration, sales tools, marketing tools,
and more.

Android app maintenance & support

we provide you with secure 3rd party integration such payment integration, sales tools, marketing tools,
and more.

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No hassle to discuss with us to talk or consult about project. We are happy to provide the best solutions with the latest technologies under experienced techies.

Custom android app development service

Android app development has a long history due to its popularity and usability. Of course, there are tons of ready-made products for this OS but custom android apps are welcome by customers despite the high price. And Glocal View is honored to present you with a team of skilled android app developers that can cope with any task you have. In the long run, custom android app development suits when you are eager to have the final app with special features, customized

Android software development benefits businiess growth

Android apps are a clear choice for businesses today. Unlike iOS, the Android operating system accounts for more than 80% of mobile devices worldwide. Businesses should consider developing an app since it provides a variety of benefits, including improving business functioning, increasing number of customers and helping to appear in the arena of the modern IT world.

Expansion of the target audience

Audience that uses Android apps regularly is massive and grows progressively. The Android operating system has 2.5 billion active users across the globe each month, as demonstrated by statistics.

Extensive app opportunities

Modernization of services on Android, there can be created an app for any category. In today’s information-hungry society, specific apps will find their target audiences.

Business scale-up

65% of Android users installed apps for Businesses, 97% – installed Social Network app, 79% – installed Finance apps, 66% – Productivity and Health tracking apps.

Modernization of services

Increasing employee engagement, eliminating defects, simplifying troubleshooting, and reducing manual work and client trust can all be achieved by creating an app.

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