Let us provide the delivery capacity for achieving success in project deliveries at a fraction of cost

myGlocalTeam - Customised Remote Delivery Team for you

In todays fast changing IT world, the biggest challenge that any organisation facing is to recruit and retain good IT professionals. Due to the change in technologies, increasing demand, competition, increase in salaries and infrastructure cost, companies are finding it hard to get and retain good IT professions.

We at Glocal View have developed a concept of myGlocalTeam (mGT) to help our customers overcome the challenge of recruitment and retaining professionals. This approach is ideal for organisations wanting to beef-up their existing team with experts or simply build an entirely new delivery team to work on a new product/service/project.

With our unique delivery team setup approach, we organically grow a team of professional that is fully integrated within your delivery organization. It is like having your own delivery office at a remote location without the overhead of opening up a new office in a foreign country, recruiting or employee management. The team is 100% dedicated to your project and billing is on a fixed monthly fee per resource. This is a very cost effective solution for organisation of any size.


4 steps to myGlocal Team Setup Approach


We build myGlocalTeam just as you would do it yourself, one resource at a time. We start-off with few of our most senior resources who come on-site and start working closely with you to understand the functional, technical and business environment, analyses the requirements and making the vital social connections necessary to efficiently building a strong working partnership. They would then start to ramp up myGlocalTeam offshore.

Define and Ramp up

Once the onsite team has understood the requirements, and are fully integrated into your organization over a period of 4-6 weeks, some / all of them would then returns to our office and we organically grow myGlocalTeam to a desired number and skills. The short onsite visits are planned as and when required.

In addition to the initial onsite visits, we encourage for some of our team members to work onsite with the customer during critical phases of the delivery such as requirement analysis, intense design sessions and test phase. We also encourage our customers to send their team member to work physically with myGlocalTeam for short periods. These continuous interoffice exchanges are essential for building trust and get better deliveries.

Execute and Deliver

After the ramp up is complete, the team members start to deliver as per the project plans. Each team member is assigned the tasks and they then deliver as per their individual / project plan. The customers� project manager would follow the team members for their progress and status on a regular basis as he / she would do with their local team members. The team members follow the reporting and time registration processes that are defined by the project.

Evaluate and report

Every member of the myGlocalTeam would be periodically evaluated on their performance and is reported to HR and the customer. This enables the team members to improve and develop as a better professional. We also reward our top performers based upon the achievements and customers feedback.




Relationship Management

A relationship executive is assigned to the project to oversee the entire engagement and provide high level status and updates to stakeholders who are not engaged with the project on a daily basis. In addition we would also setup periodic calls between the executive management teams (customer and Glocal View) to make sure that all escalations are addressed in timely fashion.



The myGlocalTeam will be dedicated to work on client projects exclusively. We would endeavour to retain the same team on an on-going basis as per the wish of the customer. The customer will have the flexibility of scaling up or down the size of the team based upon their business needs. Glocal View will make sure that any member being added to the team delivers efficient and high quality work by going through technical and functional training before joining the team. This way the customers do not need to worry about productivity and utilization of the new resources. All practical aspects like selection and recruitment, appraisals, personal and professional developments etc are taken care by Glocal View.


In addition, the members of myGlocalTeam would:


  • Undergo basic Nordic working cultural (How to work with Nordics) so that they are aligned and understand how to work efficiently
  • Undergo basic Nordic language training (start-up course)
  • Consists of senior resources only. No juniors or fresh out of college. Minimum 5 years of experience in the required technology / tool.
  • Work as per the customers time zone to get the best utilisation and team feeling.
  • Have individual video chat facility so that they are able to have face time with their Nordic colleagues
  • Have a Client relationship manager making sure the team is performing as expected and act as an escalation point.
  • Have the Common dashboard to monitor progress and productivity