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Glocal View-Helping Customer Transform to Future Proof Organisations

Glocal View is a Nordic born company specialises in utilizing the global trends and competency to help the local business succeed. We are a team of experienced professionals working within all aspects of outsourcing / offshoring services and delivery services. We believe that future lies in capitalizing on the core business and outsource the non-core business to your partners / vendors / 3rd party service providers. We have long experience in setting up remote delivery teams managed by the customer directly. Our philosophy is to build trust through working as a partner rather then a vendor. We would therefore like to build collaborative relationship and be the trusted partner to enable our customers to take a smooth journey towards a “Future Proof Organisation”.

Have you heard about Global Sourcing? Are you wondering how Global sourcing can help reduce cost and increase efficiency to your business? Glocal View helps customers to take advantage of Sourcing to strengthen business. Sourcing doesn´t necessary means sending your development work to India or China, it could be as simple as outsourcing your development work, infrastructure or utilizing services from a vendor across the street. Sourcing has its benefit and we recommend that every company, irrespective of size, should evaluate sourcing possibilities to help their business. We at Glocal View can assist companies assess their maturity level and provide a roadmap on how and what outsourcing services are best suited for your business.



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MEET THE MAN BEHIND GLOCAL VIEWIT professional with vast sourcing experience



Vineet Jain

Founder and CEO, Glocal View


Vineet has broad experience within sourcing and been working with international and national projects. He has lived and worked in the UK, Switzerland, Ireland, India and Norway. This gave him a unique opportunity to understand different cultures and work and lead deliveries in a multicultural environment. Vineet has had number of senior management roles like Country Manager, Delivery Director, Sourcing Director, Program director and has served number of large customers. Vineet has been working in Norway since 1997 and have in addition lived and worked in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Ireland, and India during the last 21 years of my information technology career. My Nordic colleagues consider me a person with a good mix of both Nordic and Indian cultures enabling me to build successful global teams and deliver value to customers.

Vineet have master in Business Administration (MBA) and master in Information Technology (MS). Combination of these master degrees gives me the added advantage to deliver better results

Vineet founded Glocal View with an ambition to provide vendor independent sourcing advisory to help companies succeed with outsourcing initiatives. Nordic countries have started to acknowledge the benefit of sourcing but unfortunately there are very few success stories. The main reason behind this is lack of knowledge on how to get true value from outsourcing. Vineet believes that the key to success in an outsourcing initiative is to to evaluate and understand the customers portfolio and business drivers before a sourcing model can be suggested. Very often, the customers are suggested sourcing approach that is too generic and far from what might work in customers situation.

Glocal View therefore provide a holistic and realistic approach to help customers transform to “Future Proof Organisation”. We believe one size does´t fit all and therefore every customer situation is unique and need a customised approach.